The Most Followed People on Threads, The New Meta App

The new social media app Threads, created by Meta, has taken over the social landscape in only a few days. Threads is a conversation based app, which has impressively reached 100 million downloads since the platforms launch on July 5th, 2023.

Who is the most followed person on Threads? It won’t shock you to see that 3 of the Kar-Jenner sisters made the list. Let us know in the comments if anyone surprised you!

Here are your 10 Most Followed Threads Accounts

#10: Kourtney Kardashian

2M Followers | @kourtneykardash

#9: Mark Zuckerberg

2.7M Followers | @zuck

#8: Chris Hemsworth

3M Followers | @chrishemsworth

#7: Will Smith

3.1M Followers | @willsmith

#6: Jennifer Lopez

3.1M Followers | @jlo

#5: Shakira

3.3M Followers | @shakira

#4: Kylie Jenner

3.7M Followers | @kyliejenner

#3: Selena Gomez

4M Followers | @selenagomez

#2: Mr. Beast

4M Followers | @mrbeast

#1: Kim Kardashian

4.1M Followers | @kimkardashian

As Threads continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see what influential figures will continue to grow and who will remain at their current followings. Because Threads is connected to your Instagram account, the app gives you the option to follow all of the same people you already follow on Instagram, giving Instagram influencers a leg up on this new app. While we have listed all of the most followed people on Threads, some other accounts who are among the most followed are Instagram with 7.2M, National Geographic with 4.2M, Marvel with 3.5M, Pubity with 2.3M, and 9gag with 2.7M.



Last updated July 9th, 2023