Christine Andrew - Keynote Speaker

February 11, 2022

With over 10 years in the industry, Christine Andrew is one of the top creators in the space. After being rejected from fashion school she started journaling her outfits as a way to share her passion. After a decade of being true to her voice and her audience, Christine has created a connection with her million + followers on multiple social platforms including Tiktok and Instagram and it shows. She is one of the strongest converters in the industry and bridges the gap between fashion and lifestyle. 

Having started first as a brand-owner and transitioning into a content creator, Christine has the unique perspective of seeing brand collaborations from both perspectives. Now with a multi-million dollar business, Christine loves to inspire others to follow their passion and pursue new opportunities. 

Christine and her husband Cody live in Utah with their four children and big dog Mio. She and her family have starred in a nationwide Old Navy commercial and worked with every major retailer/brand from Prada, Nordstrom, Amazon, Disney and more.